“The United Nations has characterized the destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan as greater than the damage from the 2004 Asian tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined. Yet nearly three weeks since the floods began, aid is trickling in slowly and reluctantly to the United Nations, NGOs, and the Pakistani government…”

Lebanon’s fashion designers are thriving, as the country profits from a year of political stability. 

Im kind of obsessed with Abed Mahfouz dresses …he reminds me of Mandalay …who i use to wear all the time …but on the next level …can i have one to wear EVERYDAY!!!

A selection from Bryan Solarksi’s “Little World.” using the ‘Tilt Shift’ photography technique.

“I wanted to recreate the dreamlike feeling of actually being in these places in a playful way,” says Solarski. “And I think titl shift is popular right now (and was a good way to do that), because it gives the viewer a sense of being in a smaller world, a bit like the way the world looks to a kid.” -Bryan Solarksi

Street Corner, Paris, France

Roman Ruins, Rome, Italy

Centre Pompidou, Paris

So, i watched the infamous COVE last week… but it just reminded me for my love of SHARKWATER …don’t get me wrong, I LOVE DOLPHINS …i just think this movie is amazingly well done …and tells a very interesting story