Prop 19 defeated …54 to 46 percent

This map was published by the Secretary of State illustrating what parts of California favored passing Proposition 19, legalizing recreational marijuana.

“The latest victim was a seven-month-old baby. He was mutilated on the orders of a witchdoctor peddling the belief that potions made from an albino’s legs, hair, hands, and blood can make a person rich.”

The Day My God Died is a feature-length documentary that presents the stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade. They describe the day they were abducted from their village and sold into sexual servitude.The film provides actual footage from the brothels of Bombay, known even to tourists as “The Cages.” It weaves the stories of girls, and their stolen hopes and dreams, into an unforgettable examination of the growing plague of child sex slavery.

I got my nails done yesterday.

I couldn’t help but notice a young pregnant Vietnamese woman working next to me. First thing that crossed my mind was …WTF?!  There are WAY too many chemicals in here! …Someone please take this lady home!!! Where is the guy that knocked her up?! Why is he letting her work …where are her parents? …Does she like working? …Does she not know the chemicals are bad? ...ARE the chemicals bad? …and that just got my gears going.

So then I looked up …to notice that in this particular salon …there were over 30 workers just standing around. I suddenly felt like I was in a sweatshop. It got me curious, and I have spent the day researching human trafficking to see if there are any ties to the nail salon industry. If it looks shady, and feels shady, it probably IS shady …right?! …Unfortunately the information is scattered and unclear… but there are several stories and articles linking the two. Paul Taylor, a former cop and inspector for the Division of Professional Licensure (who for years has been investigating the connections between nail salons and human trafficking) talks about the fact that nail salons are a cash business, So you can launder all the money you need out of there. The main article I keep coming across is a story about a multimillion-dollar human-trafficking scheme that operated out of nail salons in Ohio. Authorities are still investigating… Many victims from South Asia are trafficked and forced to work as indentured servants at nail salons in exchange for passage into the U.S. Many of the victims little or no money working at nail salons for two years, and they are required to live in on location.

They say ignorance is bliss… and sometimes I agree.  BUT there was definitely something shady going on…

READ HERE: Ohio Investigates State-Wide Nail Salon Trafficking Scheme

…do you know what’s happening in your community?

( I bet Ohio thought they did)