About Me

Breegan Jane is a multifaceted entrepreneur who hails from Southern California.  She carves out her own space, balancing energy and elegance in both personal and professional arenas. An innovative interior designer, Breegan’s creativity reflects a dexterity for incorporating beautiful elements in visually striking ways. She is just as powerful in the studio as the host of her nationally broadcast radio show, Mom Life, Yo. When Breegan isn’t supporting new and seasoned mothers over the airwaves or putting finishing touches on her interior ventures, she’s happily stepping into her most prized role of all: mom of two adorable sons. While her accomplishments and accolades are evidence that this Supermom has long been self-driven, she credits them, her boys, as the biggest motivation to continue honing her skills, and mastering many more. From her designs to downtime with her boys, Breegan’s life revolves around classic aesthetics and invaluable moments that brighten the lives of those around her.

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